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Our Story

Founders Joyci Borovsky and Joey Roberts fell in love with plant based alternatives and the community that spawns over them, what feels as long as two decades ago. Sharing that love and wanting to provide a high-end experience is what drove us to open Syndicate Wynwood. With over 10 years of hospitality experience, we strive to provide you the highest potential customer experience in the cleanest and the most welcoming environment at our plant based bar.

Our home is your home! Syndicate is built for our community of locals by those same locals.

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Our Goal at Syndicate

is to stay true to traditions of the South Pacific Islands with a creative and tasty twist! Unlike other kava bars, we pride ourselves on carefully curating an array of organic, ethical, and nourishing tea blends that soothe the soul and invigorate the senses.

Our freshly squeezed juices, kratom cocktails, kava cocktails, syrups, psychoactive teas, kombuchas, exotic snacks and signature coffee allow us to make drinks that appeal to EVERYONE. Each beverage is a thoughtfully handcrafted masterpiece, capturing the true essence of plants to offer flavors that tantalize your taste buds while nurturing your health.

As you immerse yourself in the tranquil ambience of our teahouse, discover the artful fusion of taste, health, and harmony. Here, each moment is an opportunity to unwind, relax, and reconnect with yourself and the world around you as you savor the goodness of nature flourishing within our beverages. Come visit our little family and raise a shell with us, to life  – BULA

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What is Kava?

Kava, an age-old tradition found across various South Pacific islands, has been emerging in foreign territories for over 3000 years! The growing prevalence of kava culture in the Western world has piqued interest in its history and popularity, both in its native homelands and overseas. This week, our exploration centers around kava culture and preparation, highlighting the similarities in the process between the Pacific region and the United States. Our goal is to honor its heritage while making the unique benefits of this plant accessible to a wider audience.

When made correctly, there are no known side effects to Kava but just as everything else, in high excess some issues may arise. If you are pregnant and interested in consuming Kava, please consult your physician.

What are the benefits of Kava?


A peaceful experience, providing a serene and calming sensation that helps you unwind and find inner tranquility. 


A peaceful experience, providing a serene and calming sensation that helps you unwind and find inner tranquility. 


A peaceful experience, providing a serene and calming sensation that helps you unwind and find inner tranquility. 

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What our Customers Saying

The ambiance is very chill vibes with different events every night like Tuesday Open Mics and Thursday comedy. The regulars are kind and social people. It’s a comfortable place to work and relax. Must try the Gold Kratom!

Lisa C.

Great spot for mock tails with a twist. Syndicate offers teas with a euphoric, relaxing or hybrid effect. You can also add to your tea Cbd. On Saturday they have a cabaret shot at $80 per person and lasts about 1:30 hours. The space is small to be inside and there’s no outdoor space but this is a great drink concept without alcohol.

German M.

This is one of my favorite places in Miami. Definitely our local watering hole. I love all their teas, but the bartenders and owner, Joyci, also help make the place so warm and welcoming. Im really grateful to have a second home like Syndicate.

Juliette D.

“Love this hole in the wall Kava and Kredon bar. Strong drinks to relax you and just enjoy your time there. Really really good prices. It’s connected to a swanky bar that serves great food. Best of both worlds. Highly recommend.”

Carolyn F.

kava bar

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9:30am – 3:00am



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