Kava is a remarkable herb from the South Pacific. The root of the kava plant is ground into a fine powder then mixed with water and properly strained, then served in a coconut shell. Kava has been an ongoing tradition for thousands of years in ceremony and is currently served on the islands as a relaxing social drink. It gives off a calming and euphoric feeling that elevates the senses and has a number of wonderful health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety relief.  Kava also loosens up your muscles, and clears your mind. It has a very earthy taste to it but goes away pretty quickly. Kava can only truly be understood when experienced first hand.

We at Syndicate encourage people to drink Kava instead of alcohol due to the fact that its peaceful, sedative effects are quite similar, but a lot healthier and safer for you. Kava does not alter or disrupt the mind in any way, so you could kiss that rowdy alcoholic emotion, goodbye! 

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Kava is often used as an herbal remedy to treat stress, anxiety and/or insomnia. Kava provides a feelings of slight euphoria and positivity without any intoxication to the mind at all. 

Kava has no reported issues with health but we believe that kava should not be consumed if you have known liver concerns. Some studies show that Kava in excess can be damaging to the liver. Yet, there have been studies on kava actually being non-toxic to the liver, and even potentially protecting the liver. One of the arguments is that liver damage  from kava is unpredictable, dose-independent, and not reproducible. Therefore individual metabolic differences are more likely. If you’re pregnant and/or taking certain medication, consult with your health provider first before consuming kava. 

The flavor of kava is quite earthy to say the least, yet bearable. Some find that it takes getting used to; you have to acquire a taste for it. But it truly depends on your preference for natural earth-like flavors!